Selasa, 31 Maret 2015

Type of Food That Cause Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous and very haunting for all people who live in this world. Cancer diseases are caused by many things one of which is due to dietary factors. Poor eating habits can cause cancer in yourself.

Cancer can be a very difficult disease handled, as we can see almost every day who died of cancer proficiency level.
Cancer has many types include breast cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer and cancer of the blood and many more.
In accordance with the above title is the type of food that cause cancer are following!
Processed meat
These foods processed meats such as sausages, hot dogs and ham is very prone to giving chemicals in order to look fresh throughout the day. This is one of the foods that can cause cancer. Therefore, avoid eating foods that have been processed meats like I mentioned above.
Soft drink
Carbonated drinks are likely to contain many chemicals, ranging from dyes, artificial sweeteners and soda. All that material quickly stimulate the growth of cancer cells in the body.
Canned tomato sauce
The sauce is one of the foods often consumed while eating meatballs or the other. Must be known behind spicy tomato sauce flavor it can cause the growth of cancer cells in the body. This situation is caused because menganung the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA. Are chemicals that are very harmful to human health.

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Senin, 23 Maret 2015

How to Take Care Charge In Gadgets

Charge is one of the most important tools to complement your gadget. And also can not be denied if it should separate charge your gadgets with the device. It is therefore very important to remember this one device, there are still many people who have never noticed his condition, often in use it carelessly. With such it would make the charge becomes damaged, indeed charge the price is very cheap and widely sold in counters your nearest gadget, but very regrettable if the charge should be broken for the mistakes of its users. To fix this you note the following review.

How to care for a charge on gadgets
  1. Always keep the charge condition of liquid spills, falls or to crack and break.
  2. After charging the battery, immediately to revoke. If it will not charge your gadgets will make the voltage dissipates heat though not used.
  3. Using hp charge according to the battery capacity of mobile phone use.
  4. At the time of charging can try turning off your gadget that works optimally charge function.
  5. Note the use of the charge, not to use a charge that is not original, because it also can reduce the resistance of the charge quality.

Those are some ways to take care of charge gadgets you can do to keep the charge remain durable. Good luck and hopefully useful!


Denifisi Virus herpes

Virus herpes simpleks 1 dan 2 (HSV-1 dan HSV-2) adalah dua virus dari famili herpesvirus, Herpesviridae, yang menyebabkan infeksi pada manusia.HSV-1 dan 2 juga merujuk pada virus herpes manusia 1 dan 2 (HHV-1 dan HHV-2).

Setelah infeksi, HSV menjadi tersembunyi, selama virus ada pada sel tubuh saraf. Selama reaktivasi, virus diproduksi di sel dan dikirim melalui sel saraf akson menuju kulit.Kemampuan HSV untuk menjadi tersembunyi menyebabkan infeksi herpes kronik' setelah beberapa infeksi terjadi, gejala herpes secara periodik muncul di dekat tempat infeksi awal.

Telah diketahui bahwa HSV menginfeksi dengan berdiam di dalam inti sel lalu menembakkan genom viral-nya ke DNA sel. Tekanan yang dihasilkan virus herpes untuk menghasilkan ledakan tersebut setara dengan delapan kali tekanan udara dalam ban